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Rental space

You can do anything you want

Our open space “in the house” has limitless possibilities,
which depends on what you want to do.


Reception / Exhibition

You can also use it for an apparel and brand reception party and exhibition. A digital signage and projector are available and you can also put picture and poster on the wall.

Client : NIKE Japan

Event / Party

We have a bar, so you can feel like clubbing using rental microphone and DJ equipment. We hope you enjoy a show and dancing while drinking a bottle of beer. Public viewing and private showing are possible because we have the large wall with projector.

Client : Spincoaster

Shooting Studio

C studio, which is 5m high, is perfect to use as a video and photo studio. Various rental items (such as dark curtains, lighting equipment, and video/photo shoots equipment) are available.

Client : SPALDING, Sony Music, ASCIS and Beams

Floor map

You can reserve whole this “in the house” privately for any events. Our space is 250㎡ wide and 4m high.
We also have small private studios,
which are perfect for a small workshop or privarte event.



Various rental items are available.
Please feel free to ask us!

  • LED panel light
  • Lighting stand
  • Manfrotto tripod
  • The Hatcher ACEM
  • Ziyun Crane
  • DJI Ronin-M
  • BlackMagic URSA mini 4.6k EF
  • BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Panasonic GH5
  • Panasonic Gh4
  • Sony α7s
  • Sony α6500